Sunday, May 27, 2007

Paisley Pawprints

Good evening. Sounds so very Lugosian (as in Bela) doesn't it?

Welcome to the scratchings of my virtual pen. This blog serves several purposes, not the least of which is enforced daily writing time. I would love to be a full time --paid-- writer.

To that end I am beginning a study of technical writing to go along with my academic and fiction writing efforts. Anyone have a thought or comment of the viability of tech writing? I would like to specialize in the health field, since I am an RN. I also edit other's writing, usually for a pittance, but at least it keeps me in practice.

I love the written word, and read just about anything, from the the back of shampoo bottles to the lastest paranormal romance release. I would one day like to try writing one of those (the romance book, not the shampoo bottle ingredients--though with tech writing, that may happen).

Enough pawing around, will post again soon.

2 Meow Backs:

Kristy Shreve Powers said...

I don't have personal experience with tech writing, but the health/medical field is huge! I've heard that hospitals are good places to get copywriting work. You've got a real advantage with your specialized knowledge. Good luck and kudos on the informative and well-written blog.

shauna said...

I was going to suggest copywriting as well. I got my master's in creative writing and while I have a humor column in a local paper, I make most of my money copywriting. It pays well and is fairly easy to pick up. Good luck!

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