Sunday, June 10, 2007

I'm Baaaaaaack!

Well, I am back from vacation and the inevitable return to the day job. I visited my Father in north Florida; it is beautiful there. I grew up near the ocean (San Diego, CA) and miss the beach and ocean tremendously.

Have you ever noticed that? I have discussed this with others who have moved to Atlanta. Some people just seem to bodily crave the ‘feel’ of their childhood environments. I can feel my body relaxing and feeling different when I am near the ocean. Perhaps it is nothing more than the barometric pressure difference or the scent of the air; but my arthritis is not so bad there. I sleep better too. Hell-- I am ABLE to sleep.

Yeah, I have arthritis. And pre-menopausal osteoporosis, degenerative disc and joint disease, and a few other things most women under 50 have only read about. The pain levels keep me from sleeping well or long, despite a plethora of pharmacological helpers.

I ran across a very cool website yesterday called Chronic Babe ( The website gives a ton of support (And a shop that is beyond awesome--) and information for those of us where were blindsided by the onset of chronic conditions while we were busy having an active life working, raising kids, raising pets, or just trying to find that path. It is cool, it is hip, it is bright orange and pink. I plan on visiting the site often.

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