Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Or would that be paws?

I am neglecting my blog, I know. However, it is for a good reason. I am on deadline. How cool is that?

I am also taking two courses right now; one on technical writing, and one on medical writing. They both are online. The tech writing class is from my alma mater of Kennesaw State University in collaboration with ed2go.com. http://tinyurl.com/2o4quk

I have been in class a couple weeks thus far and have learned a great deal.

The medical writing class is also online. it is produced and distributed by Diego Pineda @ http://www.becomingamedicalwriter.com/ .

He also has a blog @ http://medicalwriter.blogspot.com/

And no, I have NO affilliation, nor have recieved any compensation from either. I paid full fees, just like anyone else; I am just passing on information.

I have just received the package and will be starting tomorrow, so I will report back soon.

I will diligently report back, promise!

(Of course, my oldest child insists on getting me the T-shirt that says "No one reads my blog!")

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