Wednesday, July 11, 2007

White Paper Writing

The author of one of the blogs I read faithfully is making a wonderful offer I can't pass up, especially since a trip across the country is out of my budget = (

But I can let you know about a pretty cool opportunity and get a very cool reference for myself.

As you know I am stretching my writing skills by learning both technical and medical writing.


So far so good.

I *also* have an interest in writing a related product called a white paper. I have looked over the 'net, and settled on Michael Stelzner as an excellent resource. I read his blog,

( )

and I get his e-zine, and have the RSS feed on my igoogle home page. Pretty good stuff here. He has written white papers for some of the biggest companies--FedEX, Microsoft, Motorola, Monster, Hewlett-Packard. He has written a lot of them as well; over 100.

You can see why he got my vote.

He is putting together and in-person seminar in my old home town of San Diego, California
{ insert sad sigh here}.

Here is the scoop:

Creating and Marketing Winning White Papers Seminar in San Diego

Interactive, hands-on white paper writing and marketing training

Full day at San Diego Hyatt Regency Mission Bay in San Diego

Limited to only 25 people (so get a spot while they are available)

Held September 21st

Taught be Michael Stelzner

Here is the link to the seminar and more details:

I wish I could go. I miss San Diego, and this looks like it will be an awesome Seminar!

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