Sunday, August 5, 2007

New Job

I have made a transition. I have moved from my limited previous job to one with much greater potential. One that actually uses the information I went to school for, yeah!!

The position is as a manager in a medical office, one that has not had an on-site manager since April. The staff, with the help of the director and other site managers has done an amazing job of keeping things together quite admirably.

I started last week, and have had a week full of meetings, new processes, policy and procedure, and unfortunately, a somewhat flimsy map of expectations. I am anxious to get going, but am still a little unclear as to what *exactly* it is I am to do on a daily basis.

Oh, not the whole day certainly, but I want to make certain of the core expectations, you know.

The people have been wonderful, especially one particular manager of another site. She has taken the time to walk me through a bunch of things; I am very grateful to her.

So, anyone who is a manager in a medical office and has a generous heart, leave comment with your best ideas to engage the staff, make them comfortable, and to hopefully generate as smooth a transition as possible. I would be very appreciative!

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