Saturday, January 19, 2008

Snow in Atlanta! and a finished chatelaine

It snowed in Atlanta. Twice. In one week.

I have lived here for almost 13 years and I do not think I have ever seen snow twice in one month, let alone one week. My kids, all teens, had a great time, having snowball fights and making a risque' snow-woman (if snow boobs offend--do not look at the pic below)

I also finished my version of a chatelain. I wanted something mid sized I would not wear, but would rather sit close by. I stitched up the pattern, did some light stuffing and attached the pieces.

Now off to finish my last WIP, the Smokey Mountain cats....I have to make some headway, as my birthday is in 12 days and I have asked DH for four Mystic stitch patterns!!!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Cross stitching again

I have started cross stitching again after a long hiatus to finish my Master's degree. I have way too many hobbies--reading, writing, stitching are the old stand-by's.

I have a finish for 2008==My Pears kitchen towel:

and a WIP "Smokey Mountain Cats":

I also am designing a chatelaine to hold all my accessories-- you can see a corner of it behind the Smokey Mountain Cats WIP above

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