Monday, May 26, 2008

More BOINK and an anniversary

Just a quick update on the BOINK progress. Parts one and two done. I will be doing the top knot today in prep for part three that comes out tomorrow.

It was also my 23 anniversary this week. My girls, 19 and 16- cooked us dinner--my son (16) was the waiter. It was great. (yes the towel he has is my "Pears" cross stitch finish from a couple months ago)

Me and my husband Eric. His hair really is that long (mid-back)--he hasn;t cut it since he got out of the Navy 13 years ago.

Dinner was served in our little tent out on the back deck. The girls did a wonderful job decorating. (Ignore my flabby arms--I lost a lot of weight [210 lbs] and have a wee bit of loose skin to show for it)

Then it poured! we wound up eating out dessert and after dinner drinks in the living room. It was still a WONDEFUL night!

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