Sunday, June 15, 2008


Wow, what a week for new stuff. I have found some new sites that are awsome, went to a new Needlepoint store and learned some new skills.

The needlepoint store is under new ownership. It is called The Needled Canvas in Marietta Ga.

It is under new ownership and Gail, the owner has gone out of her way to make it the friendliest and most helpful needlework shop I have ever been to.

It was here that Colleen took an entire Saturday to teach me the basics of needlepoint. I can cross stitch and have done some crewel and surface embroidery, but have never needlepointed. LOTS to learn. Colleen is a great teacher and will be doing basic needlepoint classes in August.

If you live in the area you NEED to come to this shop.

New Sites:

Wowwio-- This little site allows you to browse thier somewhat limited collection of books, place them all in a queue and download 3 a day. Pretty nifty.

Stitchin' Fingers-- this community caters to fiber artists. Lots oc commnities and learning opportunities.

New Blogs I LOVE:

Tipnut -- a HUGE collection of every tip, tutotrial, blog reviews, everything. The description reads:

"This is my desperate attempt to neatly archive all the household notes, scribbles and clippings of tips, crafts, recipes, DIY projects and neat-o hints I've collected over the years."

Stepcase Lifehack-- --a blog/website that covers nearly every topic under the sun, written by multiple authors. Excellent site!

In A Minute Ago- A Stichers Paradise!! LOTS of stitching info, great tutorials.

Meari's Musings -- another GREAT stitching site with LOTS of tutorials

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