Monday, June 9, 2008

Ruptured Discs and Fairy Day

I am forcibly home today. I really did not want to be; I have WAY, way too much work to do at both centers. Just thinking about how much I will be missing is making my stomach hurt. (And no it is not the Oxycontin)

Saturday before last my husband and I went grocery shopping. A normal enough occurrence. However, while we were in the check out lane, he ran back to get a forgotten item and I unloaded. Nothing too difficult until I had to get down to the bottom rack to get the boxes of 24-count cat food cans. Apparently my lower back disagreed violently with that decision and decided to not only lock up, but send bolts of pure hell shooting down my legs and up my back.

After getting lectured by the husband, hobbling out to the car, and applying ice, heat, pain meds, more ice, heat and pain meds, I was completely not recovered at all. I went to work all week. Shuffled through the day. Got shots of decadron and toradol just to be able to walk.

Finally I gave in and called the Pain Clinic. They got me in this AM, and the result was ANOTHER lecture, more drugs and an appointment with a long needle tomorrow morning for the first epidural. Apparently I either ruptured the previously bulging disc at L4, or otherwise dislodged, moved or generally irritated it. (the feeling is mutual!)

So I will be off work again tomorrow.

I know, I can hear you all saying "Wah, wah, wah, cry me a river". But seriously, it really messes up my work flow to have unexpected days off, especially days where I cannot function well due to med-induced brain haze.

On to better topics: I have made the decision to hire two candidates for my Powers ferry office. Both look to be great and I hope the work out well. That should help with the scheduling issues.

On a WAY happier note, I received an email for a favorite stitching designer letting me know their freebie of the month was up. It is a way cool faerie that apparently it to celebrate Fairy Day--June 24, also know as Midsummer Day. There are three patterns up, one for 2006, 2007 and 2008. I downloaded them all for future stitching pleasure.

I HIGHLY recommend you go check them out! They are located at: (yep, European, Italian)

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