Sunday, July 20, 2008

Been a'stitching

Sorry for the long delay in updates; I have been busy working and stitching.--I have found ANOTHER cool website--Craft Bits.

There are ALL kinds of neat things there--go check them out!

Christmas Craft Projects and Patterns

I have completed my kitties ornament, after ripping out the backgound twice! I also switched threads for the kitties after doing the tail of the right sided one--it looked dingy to me.

For the background I used a single ply of an overdye in Christmas colors in a basic basketweave. The striping turned out pretty neat I think. The kitties themselves are done in plain old white DMC as is the gold top.

I just need to do the finishing now.

On another note I am taking Carol Lake's online stitching notebook classes. Book One is diagonal stitches, and it is really very nice for a semi novice in needlepint like myself.

Here is a blurb from the site where you can register for any of the classes, which are VERY affordable!! (

Canvas Stitch Notebook Series 1: Diagonal Stitches by Carole Lake

Information: 4 notebook classes (Diagonal stitches, Straight Stitches, Crossed and Interlaced Stitches and Specialty Stitches)

Format: Each notebook contains 96 stitches each with information about each stitch (history, where useful, etc.).

Participants can join the class at any time and start with the next notebook. 12 lessons via the e-mail which arrive biweekly.

I am also doing a mini SAL with my daughters and one of their best friends since they are pretty new to stitching. It seems a good introduction to fractional stitches and a minor specialty stitch.It is Teresa Wentzler's Futhercast--a freebie from her site @

3 Meow Backs:

Nancy said...

Your cat ornament is adorable and the variegated Christmas colors worked out great!! Very cool you are expanding your horizon and trying a new craft and stitches!!

Miss 376 said...

Cat ornament looks great. Have bookmarked the needlepoint site to look into, love needlepoint

Katrien said...

Your cat ornament is lovely

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