Sunday, August 24, 2008

Drama weekend (or This has GOT to be the end of a bad week!)

Hey all,
I was bemoaning my state of affairs in my last blog--thanks to the many of you who emailed me privately with words of wisom, advice, commisuration and just plain old help. I ***really*** appreciated it all.

Apparently though, I irritated Those Who Controll Such Things, as my week went from bad to worse.

Friday my husband made hamburgers for dinner. I dont usually care for hamburgers in general, but I LOVE his hamburgers. Well I got about 20 minutes or so into the meal and started feeling sick. Went upstairs and proceeded to toss cookies, chunks, kitchen sinks and the very foundation of the house. All to indescribable levels of abdominal pain.

After about 3 rounds of this and an abundance of tears on my end, my husband took me off to the ER where they VERY swiftly triaged me, and set me up with some Zofran and blessed Dilauded.

I did have to drink and keep down some nasty contrast, but then had a CT scan that showed my secondary biliary limb was entrapped in an internal hernia resulting in a blockage.

I have two different intestinal tracts as a result of a weight loss surgery almost 7 years ago, so I look kinda like this inside:

So, The called in Dr Smith, my surgeon, wisked me off to the OR at 3:30 am and there I stayed until roughly 6:30am.
I stayed a day in the hospital and have come home. (I do miss the dilaudid PCA pain pump) but I did get to sleep here at home MUCH better.
So.....I am off for two weeks recupreating and I hope to get some stitching in as well.

2 Meow Backs:

BW said...

Ruth, sorry to hear about the health issues. Glad you are back home now. :) Here's to you getting lots and lots of stitching done while you recoup.

Anonymous said...

God bless you Ruth. I will be praying for you to have a fast recovery and being back to yourself here very soon. Take care and do only what your allowed.
Debbie Jo

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