Monday, August 4, 2008

The Paisley Cat Profile--The Needled Canvas LNS

I am going to start profiling the sites, both web and brick and morter that I visit. Good or not so hot, and why I feel that way will be detailed.

The rating system is pretty easy--Pawprints (what else, LOL) on a scale of 1-5, 1 being pretty bad, 5 being outstanding,

The first one to get the spotlight is The Needled Canvas, a brick and morter LNS in Marietta Ga, and, as I rated on, "The Best Needlework Shop in Atlanta"

Gail (the owner) and Colleen (instructer) are wonderful ladies who have both gone out of thier way to teach me needlepoint basics (at no charge no less!) make me feel welcome despite my "newbie-ness" to needlpointing and are consistantly helpful and welcoming.

Gail recently purchased the store and while it looks pretty much the same on the inside, she has absolutely re-invented the feel of the store to a warm, welcoming neighbor-next -door feel, complete with complimentary hot and cold drinks and the ever present bowl of sweets. There are tables at the entrance, open to all who come in to sit, talk, and of course, stitch. Advice, tips, hints, teaching, as well as a pretty impressive store library helps even new stitches feel comfortable and welcome.

Gail has a good assortment of threads, canvases, accessories, stitching frames, and the inventory is growing. Gail and Coleen are also hosting classes.

I am a cross stitcher and had never ventured past a little surface embriodery and some crewelwork. Colleen Harris took an entire Saturday of her own time to meet with me to not only ground me in the basics of the art, but also some of it's history, some of her own early works, and showed me a ton of her own tools and accessories, all of which she was willing to let me play with and familiarize myself with. She even let me take home a few to try out. Colleen also helped me pick out the threads and stitches for each area of a canvas I had chosen, explaining to me why one stitch would be better than another (compensation?, we don' need no stinken' compensation!) and why one type and color of thread was a better choice than another based on weight, color, and lightplay.

When I had trouble with the basketweave when I was home, on my own--the staple of needlepoint, I went back in and Gail not only sat with me, but also gave me a practice canvas, needle, wool and printed directions. Most importantly, to me at least, she patiently stayed with me until I got it down.

I can honestly say, that without these two women, I would not be doing needlepoint now.

Therefore, The Needled Canvas earns the spotlight this week and 5 out of 5 PaisleyCat Pawprints

Shop Info:
The Needled Canvas and Finest Threads
2520 Shallowford Road
Centre Stage Plaza, Suite J
Marietta, Ga 30066

(770) 591-2466

website coming!

2 Meow Backs:

Carolyn said...

You make me want to drive to GA from NC and visit this LNS!

Laura-Leigh in NC said...

Sounds like a great place. I can't wait to read more of your reviews.

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