Saturday, August 9, 2008

Spiral Needle Profile & Review

Hey all,

I recently ordered a "Spiral Needle" to see if it would truely make threading my needle any easier. I have arthritis and wear bifocals so this seems like it would be a pretty cool thing if it works. The needle can be seen and purchased at the Spiral Eye Needle website:

They are a little pricey: one needle cost me 5.00, but shipping was free and if it works out, well then it was money well spent. The needle arrived to today and I set about testing if it was as easy to thread as promised, and more importantly, how did it feel while stitching. The needle size is a 22.

The brochure that accompanied the needle gave a bit of info on the old type calyx needles, the ones with the opening at the top that always came un-threaded, a bit about nickle (these needles are stainless steel) and a bit about the Spiral Needle itself along with a quick " how to thread pictoral":

As promised, it was pretty easy to thread. I am using two strands of DMC regular floss here.

Step one, loop the thread around the needle. Make sure the opening is on the side of the looped thread.
Step two: Pull up until the thread slips into the opening and "clicks" into place.

And you are Done!

Now for the real test: stitching!

On aida: (16 count) the needle sort of hung up occasionally going into the holes. Not enough to casue anything but irritation if I was stitcing a big piece. This was somewhat alleviated when I made a conscious effort to keep the opening of the needle face down to the fabric.

The other issue was when I got more than one row in, the needle occaisonally hung up on the threads of the previous row.

On a piece of fabric with a tight weave, using the needle for surface embroidery (a pillowcase) the catching was MUCH more noticeable, and since it is not terribly sharp , it was a bit of a pain in the &^%&% to get through the fabric. . The good news it the needle can be sharpened according to the brochure.

On 28 count Lugana, and 18 count needlepoint mono canvas the catching was much less noticable, although the same problem of the opening catching the previous row's threads.

On all the test pieces is was nearly impossible to bury the threads on the back by weaving. A single pass under was accomplished, accompanied by much cussing on my end.

Perle cotton 8 would not thread at all; too thick.

So, my over all impressions is: ehhh

I will use this on my needlepointing, since that was where I encounted the least amount of issues and will have to finish off my threads a different way.

Paisley Cat Paw Prints: 2 for ease of threading.

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sales said...

Well, that's too bad about the needle. That sounded like a good idea.

Gabi said...

Very interesting article of yours. Thanks for sharing

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the review. I really had my doubts about those kind of needles.
Debbie Jo

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