Sunday, September 14, 2008

Recovery and back to work.....Sort of

I am finally updating my blog after the week from hell and recovery. I have recovered nicely. I have three scars that are about an inch or so to add to my collection and my insides are slowly feeling less like a drive through for truckers and more like a body part.

My WONDERFUL staff sent me the most unusual get-well gift I have ever seen:

Isn't it yummy looking? And it was. =) It fed all 6 of us, with plenty of left overs for munchies.

I also had time to read and stitch and have just about caught up on my BOINK:

I also finished up my portion of judging in the RWA Golden Gate writing contest. There were a few good ones and a really outstanding one.

'Scent of a Man' by Maree Anderson ( ) made it to the finals, receiving excellent ratings from all three of the first round judges.

The story arc, characterization and dialog were great. Sexual tension sizzled. She hooked me right in. It is not for those who like their romances bland or tame. The story starts of with a bang and is a wild ride (yes, pun is intended).

The only downside is that we, as judges, only get a small portion of the whole story. =) I highly suggest you visit her site and take a look around. And if you are an agent or publisher---PLEASE check her out! I am dying to know the rest of the story.

And now onto more mundane topics:

I did go back to work last week, and needed a shovel and a back-hoe to clear off the desks in both my offices.

This week??? Jury Duty. In Atlanta. DOWNTOWN Atlanta. Like get up at 5:15 AM to leave by 6am to get there by 8am driving the 75 south Atlanta. YUCK.

Any fellow Atlanta Suburbanites that can commiserate??

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Gabi said...

this fruity gift really looks yummy. And Boink looks great tool. Glad you're starting to feel better

Nancy said...

I saw the fruit gift on some TV show, I wondered what they looked like in real life. BoInk looks good so far, you are keeping up! Yuck about the drive to jury duty, really makes you feel like an American, huh??

sales said...

What a nice get well gift. It sure looked tasty!
I am glad you are feeling better now.
BOINK is really coming along.

Joy said...

The fruit looks yummy!! We just had one of those shops open here in Newnan a couple of months ago. I am glad that you are feeling better. Yes, I understand about the traffic and try to avoid it everywhere I go! :-)

kaghos said...

I'm glad you are doing better, but it
is my turn to go into the hospital fro a few days. I go in on Monday for
bipolar meds stabilizing.

Good luck on a full recovery. and that fruit doses look yummy.

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