Sunday, April 12, 2009

Egg Hunting

Hey all.

My kids--20, 17 and 17 decided a couple weeks ago they really wanted to hunt eggs today. This,after 5 years of "Mom, we are too OLD!"

What the......?? Hubby and I told them that was silly, they were much too old for that.

Secretly we went out to Wally World and purchased a few brightly colored plastic eggs and some of Hershey's offerings of the season, as well as a few bunnies for later decapitation. We hid all the goodies in the freezer in the garage for the last two weeks and pulled them out around midnight to stuff. Kids were all still up, but hubby managed to sneak the treats upstairs.

Kaat, my youngest daughter came into our room just after we had finished stuffing mounds of Kisses and Miniatures in the eggs and had mounded them all into my usurped embroidery basket. Thankfully, I had just put the basket on the far side of the bed before she came in.

The kids finally headed off to bed around 2 am (I have a household of writers and MMORPG players). Hubby hid the eggs, and I do mean hid. He said he hid them like he wanted to when they were younger but couldn't.

This morning at 7am we tip-toed into each kiddos room with excited falsetto squeals of "The Easter Bunny Came, Get Up!, Get Up!".

Did I mention morning are NOT their strong suites?

After shuffling downstairs and perking up a bit, the hunt was on--45 eggs inside and out. It took them just over an hour, and a couple hints to find them all, but find them all they did and are now contentedly eating the face/ears/tails off the chocolate bunnies and gloating over their finds.

I guess it goes to show that you are never to old for a bit of family tradition.

2 Meow Backs:

Carolyn NC said...

I love it! - they're never too old!

Meari said...

Oh, how fun!!

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