Saturday, December 26, 2009

Happy Holidays 2009

Happy Holidays all. I hope yours was especially wonderful, because mine sure was. Not only did my family go overboard this year with me--a china set from my daughter, Mirabila pattern WITH all the threads and beads and a new pair of scissors, a sweet  silver bracelet with "mom" in several different languages, and a quote inside about how a moms love never fails--this last from my son--who has a bit of a rough year--totally made me cry--but with happiness.

Also my daughter Jessica made a scapbook for me. We lost all our photos back in 2002 in a house fire. The girls have been collecting what they could and made it into a very sweet and pretty scapbook--definately made me cry again with happiness.

  But to top off all that and more, my husband got me the most unexpected present ever!!

A flame-point Siamese kitten!!!!!!!!!

I will have pictures of Henry up soon, but in case you are wondering what the &^%*&% a flame point is, also called a red point, here is a picture:

Stay tuned, pics of Henry to come soon!!

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Dont Faint------Its an ACTUAL update

Dont faint--I have an actual, for real, update. Part of the long delay was the apparent kidnapping of my camera into my youngest daughter's room (it is a pit of doom) and my laptop not being too healthy. I finally took it in a couple days ago--so I am posting from my work computer....shhhhh.....don't tell my boss.

First an update on my long neglected Iris

Still have some frame stitching to do, but it is getting there.

I have also joined the Georgia Regency Society, a chapter of the Regency Society of America.

The GARS had its first event today--a High Tea at Sugar Plums Tearoom in Canton GA.

VERY beautiful setting as it was completely decked out for the Holidays. Very beautiful interior. The tea service was good--loved the little teapot-shaped sandwiches. I do not know what was on it, but they were yum!

GARS is run by the daughter of a very sweet woman I had the priviledge of hiring a while back, so it was a bit of a reunion as well. 

I would love to say I made my gown and chemise, but I didn't. I bought on eBay from a very wonderful woman who CUSTOM-MADE it for me. Her name is Wendy, and you can find her here

There were about 18 of us, all in early 1800's costuming--I think we all had a blast! 

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