Saturday, January 10, 2009

Back on the Blog Wagon

Oh My, did I EVER fall off the blogging waggon.

No real excuse, as my life has pretty much stayed at the same level of stressors. Some things have changed though.

1. I had gone back to school to get another degree in IT. Decided, with the help of my advisors to make the switch from another bachelor's to another Master's degree

2. Had a 95% handmade Christmas--one of the gifts (truffles) is still sitting in my fridge awaitng assembly

3. Had ANOTHER bout of intense, intense abdominal pain. I went to the ER early this time, hoping for relief. NOPE HAd to wait 5 hours to be seen, by then the catch, or what ever was happing to my intestines was over.

4. Highschool started back up, and my youngest daughter was kind enough to share her germs, so I have spent the last two days tossing cookies.

5. I have gone back to they gym (gasp!!--I know) and am doing pretty well when not in pain or puking.

6. My son asked to lose weight, so we enrolled in Weight Watchers on dec 30th. I am down 10 pounds YEAH!!!!!. He is still struggling with portion control. But he is determined, has started taking regular evening walks and has weight lifting at school.

7. I am taking a really neat class on color theory. I am clueless when it comes to creating a pleasing pallet. Thsi class looks to be a wonderful help. Best of all, it is online! woohoo!

8. Work is crazy. Not because there is too much to do (there is) but because I am lacking direction. My boss Lisa seems to have a good grasp on what needs to be done and how to help me get my direction figured out. I have a one on one meeting with her soon.

9. I have started doing more surface embroidery--needlepainting and some crewel soon. No you cant see---it is hideous as I am still learning. Once I get it down I will show it off next to something that looks decent. Trish Burr and Tanja Belin are my idols here

10. Umm, as soon as I find the camera that is.

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