Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The boys have left me

In my last post, I wrote about my unexpected geocaching find--a momma cat and her kittens, near to starvation.

I took them in and fattened them up. They mellowed out and started playing, venturing out of my home office for forays of toe sniping and pants leg climbing. Emily still guards them from all the four-footed inhabitants of the home.

My  friend Scarlet, the Domestic Goddess that she is, offered to give my boys a home together. Considering that Louie  is dependent on Cheeze, that was a really sweet thing for her to do.

And then........

we found out Louie was a Louisa! Yep, he was a she. Thankfully Miss Scarlet still wants my boys (girls). AND I get to visit them and see them grow up  

Emily is still with us, and swiftly worming her way into my husband's heart.

I just want to say:   Thanks Scarlett!!!

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