Thursday, July 22, 2010


While we were Geocaching last weekend, a skinny, straggly little cat came ZOOMING down to where we were, meowing her poor little head off.   Poor thing was nothing but skin, bones, and burrs. Poor girl looks to be only about 7-8 months old herself. Her fur was still mostly soft, so it looks some loser, poor excuse for a human dumped her when they found out she was going to have kittens.

She was very affectionate and we soon learned she had babies somewhere in the woods.We didn't find them, but fed her that day and came back the next morning. Sure enough she was there, starving again.  This time three little ones came peeking out. They wouldn't let us too near (actually a good thing) so we left momma with wet and dry food and water.

The next day was Sunday, and as this site is right off a church's parking lot, we waited to go feed Emily (as momma is now called). We saw her and only two of the babies. Another couple from the church had come down to feed her too-apparently she had walked all the way up to the church and had been trying to get in. The other day the missing kitten had been the bravest, following momma everywhere--even up to us to eat wet food--- I can only hope someone found and took home that third baby  =(

We decided it was not safe for momma and her kits to be there, especially with momma's behavior, so we took them in. The kittens look the be about 4 weeks or so. We have gone back to the nest site several times looking for the little missing one with no luck.

So I am going to put some weight on momma and get the kitts weaned in a few weeks and then try to find the homes. I would love to keep all three, but I have 7, all from similar backgrounds.

Here are a few pics:  We have named momma Emily, any suggestions for the boys??

The boys
Better pic of the boys

Emily. She is very affectionate, very vocal, and very young.
Emily again. Pretty girl

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